January 20, 2018 – 1 pm to 5 pm


Venerable Tenzin Gache

Venerable Tenzin Gache lives and studies at Sera Jey Monastery in India. After initial Tibetan language studies, he then entered the Geshe studies program in 2008, and has been engaged in intensive study, debate, and personal practice since that time. In 2013, he was awarded Rik Chung, an honorary title for outstanding young scholars. In 2015, he achieved the top score in Sera Jey for memorization. Venerable Gache considers his time at Sera as a prolonged investigation into the unique and often radical worldview and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Although his level of understanding is still a “work in progress”, he looks forward to sharing some of his experience in the hope of inspiring others to adopt an inquisitive attitude into this profound and important topic that he believes has the power to
revitalize our culture.”


March 3-4, 2018


Venerable Robina Courtin

According to Buddha, the main reason we can’t cope with problems is because of our attachment, a deep emotional hunger for things to be nice. Attachment can’t stand it when things go wrong. When it doesn’t get what it wants, immediately aversion arises – the entire spectrum from anger to annoyance and irritation and being upset to depression and despair. And all of it is based in fear. Lama Yeshe said that “I could talk about attachment for one whole year, but unless we go deep inside we won’t begin to understand it.” Buddha’s view of it is different from the way we understand it: it’s deep in our bones and is the main voice of ego. But we can learn to get in touch with it, to understand it, and to counteract it. The result? Courage, contentment, and fearlessness.

Ordained since the late 1970s, Robina Courtin has worked full time since then for Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s FPMT. Over the years she has served as editorial director of Wisdom Publications, editor of Mandala Magazine, executive director of Liberation Prison Project, an editor of the lamas’ teachings, and as a touring teacher of Buddhism. Her life and work with prisoners have been featured in the documentaries films Key to Freedom (2007) and the award-winning Chasing Buddha, released commercially worldwide in 2013.

Program dates: March 3-4, 2018
Schedule: Sat. March 3rd 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM*
Sun. March 4th 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM*
*tea breaks and discussion groups are scheduled in to the day.
This retreat may be attended partially or in full.
On-site Program cost $250* – includes lodging in our co-ed dorm, all meals, and all teachings. Maximum dorm capacity – 14 people max (beds reserved on a first come first serve basis).
On-site Private rustic* cabin $275* – (2 available) – *Cabins have heat and electricity, no plumbing. Reserved on first-come-first serve basis.
Offsite Program cost $200* – includes lunch, dinner, and all teachings. We have arranged some local offsite room rentals, just ask for details if you need them.
*We offer this teaching at the lowest cost we are able; if cost is an issue for you please contact us to discuss as no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
*Offerings to the teacher are not included in program cost. If you wish to make offerings to the teacher, you may do so directly at the end of the program.
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