Letter from the new Director

Dear precious Milarepa family,

Hello! After being at Milarepa Center as the Land and Facilities Manager from 2012 – 2014, it is most wonderful to return. I am most honored to have the great fortune to have been selected by our most precious teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, to lead Milarepa Center into its next phase.

Per Rinpoche’s advice, Milarepa Center will shift gears with a heavier focus on private retreat while continuing to offer small community programs and talks when we are able. The FPMT currently has very few facilities that offer proper conditions for private retreat; the need is great within our organization and there has already been much interest in private retreat here at Milarepa; in fact, we have a top scoring Sera Jey monk coming next month to do 3-month retreat here at Milarepa; what a blessing for our center! My predecessor, Merry Colony, worked very hard during the last few months of her time to begin shifting the focus to private retreat and I very much look forward to continuing this very important work that Rinpoche has advised. 

Moving forward, along with the Board of Directors, I will be working hard to keep Milarepa Center operating at a simple and sustainable level. I am truly looking forward to getting to know everyone and seeing some familiar faces once again. Milarepa Center has held a very special place in my heart as I know it has for many of you as well. I look forward to sharing this very special heart connection and place with all of you. 

Big Love,

Dawn Holtz 


What a blast and what an action packed weekend we had. 33 people thoroughly enjoyed the activities hosted by Milarepa center and facilitated by Kasia and Chessy. We did water bowl offerings, painted Buddha images, a dorje Khadro fire puja, liberated worms with circumambulation and mantra, zen archery, yoga, food offering and enjoying, and a great conclusion with the Milarepa Family Camp song. OM MANI PADME HUM!! Thank you all.



Milarepa Center Benefit Dinner at Peacham Cafe

On June 29th Milarepa Center hosted its second benefit dinner at the Peacham Cafe. The event was so successful and we were so slammed there was no time to even take a picture! After serving more than 55 people we ran out of food entirely and had to turn people away. Keep an eye on our Calendar page for our next benefit, tentatively scheduled for Sept 28th

Mahayana Mindfulness with Kendall Magnussen

We had a fantastic retreat day on April 15th with Kendall. The day provided a delicious sampler of daily Mahayana Mindfulness meditations to do when on the cushion or off. Walking meditations done while contemplating taking and giving, mind being the creator of all, and all causative phenomena being like a star, a cloud or a drop of dew were interspersed with wonderfully rich teachings on bodhichitta, the 12 links and emptiness. Hopefully this was only the first of many more retreats with kendall.