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All donations to Milarepa Center are tax deductible in the USA.

We are now accepting donations towards the 2017 Annual Fund. Our 2017 goal is $15,000.
THANK YOU for your help.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund
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To give by check:
Please send your check payable to “Milarepa Center” to the address below.

Milarepa Center
1344 U.S. Route 5 South
Barnet, Vermont 05821

Heartfelt thanks to all our 2016 Annual Fund Donors. We can’t do it without your support and rejoice in your kindness!

Giving Levels:

* If you would like to remain anonymous when you give, please let us know.

Crown Chakra Giver
Honors Spiritual Connectedness

TY Hsieh and Jon Chu
Estate of Ivah Mae

Third Eye Chakra Giver
Honors the Psychic

Valerie Vasilevski

Throat Chakra Giver
Honors Communication

Jonathan Brillhart
Ping Gee
Doren and Mary Harper
Alicia Vogel
Wisdom Tours
Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

Heart Chakra Giver
Honors the Heart

Patrice Kennedy
Rosanne Hebert
Dawn Holtz
Geoffrey Kassin
Donald Isaacson

Solar Plexus Giver
Honors the Life Force

Katarina Hollanblad
Lisa Heath
Luke Wakefield
Benjamin Johnson
Matt Lindsey
Kurukulla Center
Diane Morrow
Michael Scanlon
Maureen Cochrane
Anne Chase and Lynn Troy
Cesar Alma
Andrea Lemon
Carmen Wilcox
Mary Currell
Kathleen Hall
Julie Thomas
James Johnson
Robert Zimmer
Rehouse Studio
Jennifer Miller
Mary Reynolds
Wes Roberts
Doug Ferraro
Carol Arthur
Diane Morrow
Tim McNeill
Ed Savel
Samten Gorab and Yeshi
Patricia Garvin
Janice Baker & Michael Weil

Root Chakra Giver
Honors the Earth

Laura Haughey
George Plumb
Charlotte Lawson
Helena Hanson
Thomas Forsyth
Alfred Fickera
Debby Dorset
Steve leibman
Liz LeServiget
Hilary Dirlam
Paula Velasco
Ven Amy Miller
Susan Simmons
Terry Roche
Lynda & Raymond Shannis

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund


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