Private Retreat

The great Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo said, “Knowing Dharma is not enough; you must practice.”

Available to lay persons as well as ordained, Milarepa Center welcomes both new and serious Dharma students who follow practice guidelines in accordance with the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Applicants wishing to do longer term retreat should have established relationships with authentic teachers and/or recognized lineage holders. Milarepa Center offers several cozy retreat cabins. Some of our cabins are very rustic and without plumbing but offer simplicity and solitude. We offer one four-season cabin that is fully equipped with its own kitchen and bathroom (to see photos and read more about this cabin click here.)

For those completing short term retreat in the rustic cabins, vegetarian meals prepared by our staff can be arranged in advance and delivered to your cabin or offered in our main dining room (meal service is limited to a 5-day maximum). A common area is available with bathrooms and a shower in the main building. During the summer months our outdoor showers are available outside of the main building.

Please call our office at 802-633-4136 or email us at for more information and/or to apply for retreat. 

Yamantaka Cabin
Seasonal Remote Cabin
Chenrezig Cabin

What retreatants have to say about their stay at Milarepa Center:

“There is something so rare and precious about having a dedicated space for retreat.  At home, even if by some miracle I find myself with a weekend or week alone and free from outer distractions, because the habit of distraction is so strong in my daily life, i find it almost impossible to just sit. So I came to Milarepa to do personal retreat.  The stupa, shrine room, and prayer wheels brought the inspiration of realized masters, while the natural beauty of Vermont inspired the Milarepa inside of me—which I think is there in all of us when we connect to it—to sit, and sit more, and keep sitting.  Because the center is quiet, even the closest tiny house feels solitary.  And, for those who want to taste more of Milarepa’s own style, there are plenty of more rustic options to choose from.  With the caretakers’ presence, help with everything from running out of toothpaste to hitting a wall in practice is always available—and their wisdom and friendliness was greatly appreciated.  Yet, when help is not needed, spaciousness abounds.  Now that is a perfect place for wisdom and warmth to overflow from within!  Thank you Milarepa for this rare and precious space, and also to Harry and Merry for being such perfect caretakers :)”              -Ani Sangye Chodron, USA 2017


“My recent retreat at Mila was a return to my spiritual home — where Serkong Rinpoche had us walk through Mila’s 270 acres of rich woods and open meadows to look for our minds.  It was wonderful to look once more.”
-Dennis Winters, Canada 2017

“I have done two personal retreats at Milarepa Center. One was in a tiny upper cabin, the other in the beautiful little cabin next to the retreat house. Both provided extraordinary opportunities to delve into practice. First, the retreat master and the staff take everything into consideration so that all practical aspects are arranged with the retreatant prior to entering into retreat itself. This permits your retreat to flow unhindered. The retreat environment is perfect, from the cozy cabins with their shrine space to the outer shrine of the Vt. woods. This beautiful, peaceful forest with its many tiny brooks and chirping birds is as conducive to retreat as any temple. Even the occasion sound of a distant car on the highway only emphasizes a sense of peace and presence that draws one into meditation. There is also the fantastic shrine room in the retreat house itself with its incredible statues of Guru Rinpoche and Milarepa. Finally there is the retreat master herself. Kind, knowledgeable and considerate, she and those with her are as available as you need to assist you with whatever arises during your retreat. Respect for solitude is graciously honored but support and a willing ear is there should it be needed. Having done retreat at several places, there is none i find more conducive than Milarepa Center. May your retreat there be most auspicious!”    -Meredith M, Mexico 2017